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August 04, 10

Webcam stories

Pressure. It's all coming along. This Saturday, the Art Tech Seminars at Assembly Summer in Helsinki, Finland, 7th of August at 2.00PM. [WebCam stories]( If you want to experience the potential of Flash and a typical webcam to achieve face recognition, eye tracking and motion detection, using real-time image processing, come and see. [I will share]( how we can use our often dusty and under-used webcams to make our eyes less tired after hours of gazing into pixels. Another good news is that HiSlope toolkit will be finally released there. Although the Flash Player is recently being eschewed in favour of emerging HTML5+JS technologies (most notably by Apple), I will prove it still offers [decent processing power]( and support for external devices such as webcam and microphone (which HTML5 is not yet capable of) and can significantly contribute to improving real human-computer interfaces. Thanks to Justyna for a cheeky title :) PS I also got the chance to [speak at the Elevator Pitch]( this Autumn, which is part of Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton, UK (26-29 September 2010) – my very own 3 minutes!
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