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September 21, 11

Flash on the Beach 2011 recap

Another awesome FOTB is over. ![Fotb 2011](/files/fotb2011/awesome.jpg) I had a big pleasure (and even a greater stress haha!) to be a speaker this year – thanks to John Davey and everybody voting and coming to see my [Riding the HiSlope!](/speaking-at-fotb2011/) session – it means a lot to me. Generally, I like to improve things and I will be grateful for any feedback. I've seen many inspiring talks, meet tons of people, drunk loads, made new friendships (hi Polish Flash Mafia) etc. All that resulted to a massive body strike which I am still recovering from. It was so worth it though. Right, I don't think my session slides would do best on their own, so won't put them up (unless you demand). Here's the list of topics I've covered with the references: ####HiSlope The framework (yes, I dare to call it framework for sometime, used to be a toolkit) which my session was about. [Download/fork HiSlope from github]( and start by reading [WIKI]( ####Haar Cascades Used for face (and face features) detection. A [great research done by Adam Harvey]( and his [CV dazzle]( – [how to stop the machines recognising faces]( (if we ever need to). Then finally the video showing [scanning and matching the wavelets]( ####Integral image As described in the [Servo magazine]( ####Blob Detection Check my [blog post]( which is actually the 2nd hit when you google for "blob detection". ####Halftoning and Rasterization Sort of old stuff but never released before. Download [HiSlope]( and check the [Halftoning Demo]( ![HiSlope RGB CMYK rasterizers](/files/fotb2011/hislope_cmyk.jpg) API Check []( and [ AS3 wrapper]( by [ptitJean]( and forked by me. There are updates on the way (some already in HiSlope), mainly parsing face attributes into VOs and the new [FaceBook OAuth 2.0 support]( ####BRF Amazing SDK for Point Tracking and Estimating the Face Position developed by [TastenKunst]( Download free SDK at []( Big thanks to [Marcel Klammer]( (I love you!) and Christian Walther (still not sure what the heck you were doing in that hotel room) for loads of help and remote moral support. ####IN2AR Although not covered in my session, the big [Eugene]('s thing is worth a mention – [IN2AR]( Haven't had a chance to include it in HiSlope but I guess this is inevitably coming ;-) ####Doomsday Console 2 Amazing console developed by the mighty Andreas Rønning (how's your bum dude?) – download from []( I am looking deeply into it, it may result in writing some UI plugins and/or HiSlope integration/collaboration/whatever. Good work! Last thing – I was hugely impressed by [Seb's]( PixelPhones, I've had a similar concept, except Seb had done it – and it's far far better that I'd ever do it. Lots of people had asked how this was done and I shall describe it (with a little demo) in my next blog post. Stay tuned.
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