October 23, 09

AS3 version of PHP's print_r

A very nice little utility nicked from [here](http://dev.base86.com/solo/47/actionscript_3_equivalent_of_phps_printr.html). Thanks Nate! package { public function print_r(obj:*, level:int = 0, output:String = ""):* { var tabs:String = ""; for (var i:int = 0; i < level; i++, tabs += "\t"); for (var child:* in obj) { output += tabs + "["+ child + "] => " + obj[child]; var childOutput:String = print_r(obj[child], level + 1); if (childOutput != "") output += " {\n"+ childOutput + tabs + "}"; output += "\n"; } if (level > 20) return ""; else if (level == 0) trace(output); else return output; } } /* USAGE: // Save as print_r.as, change package name if needed var obj:Object = {}; obj.var1 = "test"; obj.var2 = { var2a: "a", var2b: 10 }; print_r(obj); print_r(("a,b,c").split(",")); */
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September 24, 09

Commodore C64 SIDs live

I am very pleased to announce that I will be playing a set at [Tronic @ Merchant City Festival](http://www.theskinny.co.uk/forums/topic/787-tronic-merchant-city-festival-13th-note-glasgow-sept-26th "Tronic @ Merchant City Festival, Glasgow 2009") on a [real vintage Commodore C64](/is), with live retro visuals by Russell/These Are Ideals. I will be bringing some best sounding tunes that have ever been composed on the C64, so better be there or be square! **Saturday, 26 Sept, around 6PM @ 13TH Note (upstairs), Glasgow** Tronic Festival **UPDATE:** I am posting the playlist and the short video (above) from the gig. Thanks to all authors for their brilliant compositions! 1. Holt Hein / Scott-Land B-Side 2. DRAX / Space between Spaces 3. TBB / Panimo 4. Wacek / Snake Disco 5. Wacek / Amphetamine 6. Linus / Cauldron II Sinus Milieu Studie (featured in the video) 7. AMJ / Problemchild part 7 8. Kasmo / Nekenieh 9. Holt Hein / Bootsys Club Tonic 10. Morton Adam / Love For Smokin Weed 11. Jeff / 12-speed tune 12. DRAX / Hass 13. DRAX / Svinestig 14. Holt Hein / Trans Form 15. Japmaster / Model 64
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June 05, 09

Using SWFAddress exclusively with jQuery

I've just spent an hour today trying to work out why [SWFAddress](http://www.asual.com/swfaddress) was not picking up any events from the browser (i.e. back button click). It turned out that by default it [SWFAddress] relies on SWFObject, UFO or AC_FL_RunContent but it's not supporting jQuery, which I was using to embed my SWF (precisely with **jQuery Flash** plugin). I posted a comment on [Asual's blog](http://www.asual.com/blog/swfaddress/2009/04/29/swfaddress-23.html) and I got a quick answer by Rostislav: > @Og2t > You just need to use SWFAddress.addId(flashObjectId) in order to use the library with any Flash embedding script. Thanks a million! Again and over again, RTFM! SWFAddress is awesome, I am just a moron [*sighs]. Make sure you read this [great article on how to use SWFAddress](http://lassieadventurestudio.wordpress.com/2008/10/09/better-swfaddress) by Greg MacWilliam aka bigmac.
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June 04, 09

Useful OS X terminal shortcuts

Create a file named .inputrc in your home directory and paste the following code: # this makes the "delete" key work rather than # just entering a ~ "\e[3~": delete-char # these allow you to use ctrl+left/right arrow keys # to jump the cursor over words "\e[5C": forward-word "\e[5D": backward-word # these allow you to start typing a command and # use the up/down arrow to auto complete from # commands in your history "\e[B": history-search-forward "\e[A": history-search-backward # this lets you hit tab to auto-complete a file or # directory name ignoring case set completion-ignore-case On # Two escapes clear command line "\e\e": "\C-a\C-k" It will add a few useful keyboard commands.
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April 20, 09

Falling in love with Tweetie, betraying Nambu

![NambuTweetie](/files/images/tweetfight.png "Twitter Fight") Yay, yet another [Twitter](http://twitter.com "Twitter") client for OS X [Tweetie](http://www.atebits.com/tweetie-mac/ "Tweetie for Mac") has been just released today. I've recently switched from Twitterific to [Nambu](http://www.nambu.com/ "Nambu for Mac") and absolutely loved the translate option and the Mail like interface – and wasn't really keen of moving onto a different one again, but decided to give it a go. And... I absolutely fell in love with it. So I had to betray Nambu... well, we'll see, maybe it's just a Tweetie affair or a short romance? ###Nambu * {.plus}Translate any tweet to English * {.plus}Built in option to hide from the dock * {.plus}It's free * {.plus}Decodes short links and replaces them in a tweet so you know what to expect * {.neutral}Growl integration (to break your concentration even more) * {.minus}No global keyboard shortcut to show/hide ###Tweetie * {.plus}Lovely interface and motion tweens (eye candy) * {.plus}Customisable shortcut to show/hide the app (as in Twitterific, I usually set it to **ALT + ~**) * {.plus}[Bookmarklet](http://www.atebits.com/tweetie-mac/more/) to easily tweet current browser's URL * {.minus}No hide from the dock option (could be easily fixed by adding <key>NSUIElement</key><string>1</string> to the Info.plist file) * {.neutral}No Growl integration (Colin reckons it will be there soon) * {.neutral}It's free but you have to like ads and the startup nag, otherwise it's $19.99 $14.95 (promo till 4th of May) Both Tweetie and Nambu have support for URL shortening services, marking read tweets and setting custom font sizes.
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