Chyrp v2.0RC3 or Welcome

When the world starts to suffer from TMS (Too Much Stuff) syndrome (equivalent of [Too Much Content/Choices]( "Too Many Choices") I decided (quite ironically) that's the best time to just start blogging. In order to keep the signal vs noise level high here, I will be treading the narrow path of object oriented programming (OOP) in ActionScript 3, writing about interfaces and techniques for making stuff. I've learnt so much from the Flash community through the past few years that it feels natural to give it all back now, thus I will also share the source files whenever I can. Frankly speaking, I had made this decision a year ago, straight after I got back from FITC 2008 from Amsterdam – when I realised that there's so many developers out there that crave for knowledge. My dream is to become a speaker myself one day and share even more, personally. So, it's not WordPress. After using WP for several things before I wanted to give a chance to [Chyrp]( "Chyrp") – a lightweight and comfortable blogging engine developed by Alex Suraci. As far as I know, people from [Big Spaceship Labs]( "Big Spaceship Labs") use it as well. Before I got time to design my own theme (yes, that's planned too) I am using the default theme which is bundled with Chyrp 2.0RC3. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay!
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