Commodore C64 SIDs live

I am very pleased to announce that I will be playing a set at [Tronic @ Merchant City Festival]( "Tronic @ Merchant City Festival, Glasgow 2009") on a [real vintage Commodore C64](/is), with live retro visuals by Russell/These Are Ideals. I will be bringing some best sounding tunes that have ever been composed on the C64, so better be there or be square! **Saturday, 26 Sept, around 6PM @ 13TH Note (upstairs), Glasgow** Tronic Festival **UPDATE:** I am posting the playlist and the short video (above) from the gig. Thanks to all authors for their brilliant compositions! 1. Holt Hein / Scott-Land B-Side 2. DRAX / Space between Spaces 3. TBB / Panimo 4. Wacek / Snake Disco 5. Wacek / Amphetamine 6. Linus / Cauldron II Sinus Milieu Studie (featured in the video) 7. AMJ / Problemchild part 7 8. Kasmo / Nekenieh 9. Holt Hein / Bootsys Club Tonic 10. Morton Adam / Love For Smokin Weed 11. Jeff / 12-speed tune 12. DRAX / Hass 13. DRAX / Svinestig 14. Holt Hein / Trans Form 15. Japmaster / Model 64
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  1. Oh man, I'm really annoyed I missed this. I had an Amiga in my youth and it started my brother off making his own electronic music, which now has blossomed into many different projects, one of which is

    Please drop me an email if you're thinking of doing anything similar and I'll do my best to come along.

    john Gallagher on

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