Comments on “Embedding Private Keys in SWF files” 2010-08-20T19:56:31+01:00 Chyrp Embedding Private Keys in SWF files,2010-08-20:/id/61//comment_43963 2010-08-20T19:56:31+01:00 2010-08-20T19:56:31+01:00 David Arno <p>I like that. As you say it's not a true secure solution, but it's an extra layer of inconvenience for the casual hacker to overcome. As an added bonus, it doesn't involve complex code and so doesn't risk introducing bugs into your application.</p> Embedding Private Keys in SWF files,2010-06-16:/id/61//comment_43481 2010-06-16T16:13:05+01:00 2010-06-16T16:13:05+01:00 webproidea <p>Smart move! Thanx.</p>