Comments on “Dried eye syndrome” 2009-06-18T09:14:17+01:00 Chyrp Dried eye syndrome,2009-06-18:/id/41//comment_39 2009-06-18T09:14:17+01:00 2009-06-18T09:14:17+01:00 Gavin Montague <p>That is scarily good. It's quite good at detecting my finger tips - could the code be adapted to either a virtual piano or (even better) a Minority report style 'swipe' effect.</p> Dried eye syndrome,2009-06-18:/id/41//comment_38 2009-06-18T08:48:29+01:00 2009-06-18T08:48:29+01:00 subblue <p>Very cool - it does a good job of tracking my eyebrows too!</p>