Comments on “ + HiSlope Halloween mash-up” 2010-11-04T09:13:25+00:00 Chyrp + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-04:/id/65//comment_44594 2010-11-04T09:13:25+00:00 2010-11-04T09:13:25+00:00 lior <p>Do I have to download the source in order to use it? Didn't find the link to use it in this page.</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-01:/id/65//comment_44570 2010-11-01T20:51:12+00:00 2010-11-01T20:51:12+00:00 Og2t <p>@Jon Haha, complaints shall be sent to – I tried with our cat as well – no joy :(</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-01:/id/65//comment_44569 2010-11-01T19:55:13+00:00 2010-11-01T19:55:13+00:00 Jon Howard <p>Great stuff, but my kids are complaining about the app not working on their soft toys. We've tried cats, a wolf, a dog, a dolphin and some more cats. The face recognition is a little too human specific =-)</p> <p>There is no pleasing some of them. I don't know, kids today...</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-01:/id/65//comment_44566 2010-11-01T09:46:46+00:00 2010-11-01T09:46:46+00:00 Jennifer Arnott <p>Awesome, totally cheered up a dull Monday morning and a lack of weekend halloween action!</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-10-31:/id/65//comment_44561 2010-10-31T20:13:56+00:00 2010-10-31T20:13:56+00:00 Ralph Hauwert <p>Brilliant! Really enjoyed it!</p>