Comments on “Detecting blobs at the speed of light” 2016-03-14T08:23:14+00:00 Chyrp Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2016-03-14:/id/28//comment_58085 2016-03-14T08:23:14+00:00 2016-03-14T08:23:14+00:00 Flash Eye Tracking | <p>[...] class is robust enough to handle this type of algorithmWhilst tinkering I’ve stumbled across Tomek’s blog, which describes a clever way of extracting color by juggling the threshold and blend method, that [...]</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2011-08-31:/id/28//comment_46792 2011-08-31T12:10:45+01:00 2011-08-31T12:10:45+01:00 Mark <p>Huge thanks for the starter with this.... I took your trackLight class and added a camera calibration around it for a recent projection game... download the code here Nice work.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2011-06-02:/id/28//comment_46274 2011-06-02T00:36:49+01:00 2011-06-02T00:36:49+01:00 Sérgio Silva <p>Can you please provide full code, need something similar to track flies experience... Regards Sérgio</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2010-10-28:/id/28//comment_44541 2010-10-28T16:51:39+01:00 2010-10-28T16:51:39+01:00 Jimmy <p>I'm not 100% sure but I also think there's something missing in your code. At the moment you just scan down the first line of the mainRect and look for blobs here. Don't you also need to continue scanning across x aswell?</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2010-10-22:/id/28//comment_44479 2010-10-22T02:10:13+01:00 2010-10-22T02:10:13+01:00 vladozver <p>hi mano, can you share your code i am trying to make multitouche table???</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-11-11:/id/28//comment_1873 2009-11-11T21:52:14+00:00 2009-11-11T21:52:14+00:00 Marty <p>Hi! Sammia asked amout ID'ing the blobs, you said there was a project that implemented this ... i can't find it ... when i google for it it gives me lots of multitouch links but not the thing i'm looking for. Do you have a direct link or site?</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-10-24:/id/28//comment_1157 2009-10-24T19:54:41+01:00 2009-10-24T19:54:41+01:00 Wayne <p>HI Looks awesome, and am surprised how fast it is. IM trying to have a play and have gone through you sources and got the relevent codes, but unless im missing something i think there is some code missing can you post it? Thanks Wayne AS3 newbie</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-10-16:/id/28//comment_1098 2009-10-16T17:33:12+01:00 2009-10-16T17:33:12+01:00 Og2t <p>@Camila The most of the source code (that does fast blob detection) is available above, just hook it up to whatever you need.</p> <p>@Sammia Thanks, the feature you're talking about is implemented in multi touch interface. Just google for it, it's open source.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-10-15:/id/28//comment_1089 2009-10-15T14:31:51+01:00 2009-10-15T14:31:51+01:00 Sammi <p>This looks really interesting. I wonder how complicated it would be to alter this so that each blob get's an id and then we know if a blob is new or if an existing blob just moved, or was removed.</p> <p>Did you ever try to to such a thing?</p> <p>Best</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-10-14:/id/28//comment_1078 2009-10-14T12:38:26+01:00 2009-10-13T16:22:24+01:00 Camila <p>Hi Og2t! You've got a great blog Is there any chance to make de code available? I'm needing it desperately hurry. Many thanks in advice</p> <p>Litle girl from Brasil</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-09-10:/id/28//comment_851 2009-09-10T00:50:32+01:00 2009-09-10T00:50:32+01:00 cipriano <p>Nice post! Thanks for not only publishing the source, but for the great explanation as well. Always nice to read a blog post where code is defined in plain words.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-07-22:/id/28//comment_581 2009-07-22T13:52:33+01:00 2009-07-22T13:52:33+01:00 Mario Klingemann <p>Ha, that's exactly algorithm I showed in my blob tracking demo back at Flash on the Beach 2007. Serves me right for never publishing my code.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-06-06:/id/28//comment_20 2009-06-06T11:28:27+01:00 2009-06-06T11:28:27+01:00 Touch User Interface <p>Thanks,very interesting, I linked your blog;)</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-06-01:/id/28//comment_18 2009-06-01T22:00:35+01:00 2009-06-01T18:34:26+01:00 kynd <p>Thank you for great compliments but I'd confess that the words should go to Kanpei Baba who invented the most important part of the code. I thought I had mentioned that in the post but it's missing... The original code can be downloaded from here: <a href=""></a> I also added a link to my blog.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2009-06-01:/id/28//comment_17 2009-06-01T10:02:36+01:00 2009-06-01T10:02:36+01:00 Eugene <p>As you mentioned in my blog I am going to try this algorithm to improve speed, but mine works pretty fast for me. the worst part is to detect direction of every blob. It takes lots of CPU. As for my example I'm using Region Growing algorithm</p>