Comments on “Finding the missing child” 2010-05-28T17:24:32+01:00 Chyrp Finding the missing child,2010-05-28:/id/24//comment_43254 2010-05-28T17:24:32+01:00 2010-05-28T17:24:32+01:00 Chris <p>Just in the nick of time, thank you!</p> Finding the missing child,2010-04-07:/id/24//comment_42790 2010-04-07T16:25:50+01:00 2010-04-07T16:25:50+01:00 ty <p>how do you use this i just copy and paste it?</p> Finding the missing child,2010-01-20:/id/24//comment_18840 2010-01-20T21:08:51+00:00 2010-01-20T21:08:51+00:00 Rich <p>Tomek! Comprehensive work with clear instructions, thanks &amp; well done!</p> Finding the missing child,2009-09-29:/id/24//comment_971 2009-09-29T17:46:34+01:00 2009-09-29T17:46:34+01:00 Josh Noble <p>This is fantastic thanks for putting this class out there.</p> Finding the missing child,2009-09-28:/id/24//comment_963 2009-09-28T22:25:16+01:00 2009-09-28T22:25:16+01:00 ahernandez <p>Thanks a bunch man. That was a lifesaver.</p> Finding the missing child,2009-08-26:/id/24//comment_801 2009-08-26T08:17:32+01:00 2009-08-26T08:17:32+01:00 potatoes <p>why i got error: 1037:packages cannot be nested</p> Finding the missing child,2009-05-21:/id/24//comment_16 2009-05-21T12:50:13+01:00 2009-05-21T12:50:13+01:00 Og2t <p>Just put the class into your src folder. You don't need to import anything as long as it sits there.</p> Finding the missing child,2009-05-20:/id/24//comment_14 2009-05-20T20:06:04+01:00 2009-05-20T20:06:04+01:00 help http://help <p>hi all...i am new in as language...can you tell me how to use this scrip?how to import?tnx</p> Finding the missing child,2009-05-18:/id/24//comment_13 2009-05-18T23:49:24+01:00 2009-05-18T23:49:24+01:00 justi <p>your child is in me....</p> <p>xxxx</p> Finding the missing child,2009-05-15:/id/24//comment_12 2009-05-15T15:24:36+01:00 2009-05-15T15:24:36+01:00 Enzo <p>I just found this coming from judahfrangipane blog. I wish I had this a few months ago. Great work.</p>