Comments on “Nostalgia in Parts” 2016-03-14T08:23:14+00:00 Chyrp Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2016-03-14:/id/28//comment_58085 2016-03-14T08:23:14+00:00 2016-03-14T08:23:14+00:00 Flash Eye Tracking | <p>[...] class is robust enough to handle this type of algorithmWhilst tinkering I’ve stumbled across Tomek’s blog, which describes a clever way of extracting color by juggling the threshold and blend method, that [...]</p> Assassinating jumpy htmlText hyperlinks,2011-09-27:/id/30//comment_47057 2011-09-27T13:15:11+01:00 2011-09-27T13:15:11+01:00 David Darx <p>OMG! Thank you for that help! I've search a solution for this bug for years!!! YIHA!</p> Flash on the Beach 2011 recap,2011-09-23:/id/67//comment_47023 2011-09-23T11:11:48+01:00 2011-09-23T11:11:48+01:00 Dave Lenz <p>Awesome stuff (as ever). Very curious about the PixelPhone explanation.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2011-08-31:/id/28//comment_46792 2011-08-31T12:10:45+01:00 2011-08-31T12:10:45+01:00 Mark <p>Huge thanks for the starter with this.... I took your trackLight class and added a camera calibration around it for a recent projection game... download the code here Nice work.</p> Machines are looking for Michael Jackson,2011-06-24:/id/46//comment_46379 2011-06-24T15:52:25+01:00 2011-06-24T15:52:25+01:00 chris <p>Hi Tomek I have a idea,but hear people say that using the write flash is very bad. (Can flash write Webcam/Image processing very bad?Why flash write image processing so few?why?) Before I wrote this method is again in C. (Webcam/Image processing) Like to hear your views. MY idea Three-step :(Capture equipment is webcam) First,face detection(Search the face region). Second,blink detection(Search the eye region and sample). Finally,NCC(normalized correlation coefficient).This method is eye tracking. Additional,the need for real-time. This may be achieved?(Written using the flash)</p> <p>Here to say sorry,my English is bad,</p> <p>I very much looking forward your reply.</p> Machines are looking for Michael Jackson,2011-06-16:/id/46//comment_46349 2011-06-16T11:09:55+01:00 2011-06-16T11:09:55+01:00 chris <p>Hey Tomek</p> <p>Can you please email me?</p> <p>I have some questions of your videos related to eye tracking.</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2011-06-02:/id/28//comment_46274 2011-06-02T00:36:49+01:00 2011-06-02T00:36:49+01:00 Sérgio Silva <p>Can you please provide full code, need something similar to track flies experience... Regards Sérgio</p> Speakertastic,2011-05-13:/id/66//comment_46191 2011-05-13T08:57:04+01:00 2011-05-13T08:57:04+01:00 Ami <p>how do I contact you? I want to ask you something. tnx.</p> Flash Bokeh,2011-04-23:/id/59//comment_46132 2011-04-23T00:42:45+01:00 2011-04-23T00:42:45+01:00 Daniel http://its not up yet lol <p>hiboss could you give me a little tutorial in how to make it work i would be eternally grateful :D</p> Machines are looking for Michael Jackson,2011-04-13:/id/46//comment_46097 2011-04-13T19:09:15+01:00 2011-04-13T19:09:15+01:00 arpit <p>i want to connect my face recognition s/w in matlab to u r kind of gui in flash .u r gui is great .do u know how to make this gui and connect to matlab .pls help .thanks in advance.</p> Boiling the soft egg aka Webcam Stories,2010-12-30:/id/64//comment_45419 2010-12-30T23:08:34+00:00 2010-12-30T23:08:34+00:00 Ryan Hill <p>love it</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-04:/id/65//comment_44594 2010-11-04T09:13:25+00:00 2010-11-04T09:13:25+00:00 lior <p>Do I have to download the source in order to use it? Didn't find the link to use it in this page.</p> Flash Bokeh,2010-11-02:/id/59//comment_44579 2010-11-02T12:03:59+00:00 2010-11-02T12:03:59+00:00 John <p>Hello, I would like to know how you made this by providing me a written tutorial if you can possibly do that because this effect is really awesome and i want to use this effect for my school project.</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-01:/id/65//comment_44570 2010-11-01T20:51:12+00:00 2010-11-01T20:51:12+00:00 Og2t <p>@Jon Haha, complaints shall be sent to – I tried with our cat as well – no joy :(</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-01:/id/65//comment_44569 2010-11-01T19:55:13+00:00 2010-11-01T19:55:13+00:00 Jon Howard <p>Great stuff, but my kids are complaining about the app not working on their soft toys. We've tried cats, a wolf, a dog, a dolphin and some more cats. The face recognition is a little too human specific =-)</p> <p>There is no pleasing some of them. I don't know, kids today...</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-11-01:/id/65//comment_44566 2010-11-01T09:46:46+00:00 2010-11-01T09:46:46+00:00 Jennifer Arnott <p>Awesome, totally cheered up a dull Monday morning and a lack of weekend halloween action!</p> + HiSlope Halloween mash-up,2010-10-31:/id/65//comment_44561 2010-10-31T20:13:56+00:00 2010-10-31T20:13:56+00:00 Ralph Hauwert <p>Brilliant! Really enjoyed it!</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2010-10-28:/id/28//comment_44541 2010-10-28T16:51:39+01:00 2010-10-28T16:51:39+01:00 Jimmy <p>I'm not 100% sure but I also think there's something missing in your code. At the moment you just scan down the first line of the mainRect and look for blobs here. Don't you also need to continue scanning across x aswell?</p> Detecting blobs at the speed of light,2010-10-22:/id/28//comment_44479 2010-10-22T02:10:13+01:00 2010-10-22T02:10:13+01:00 vladozver <p>hi mano, can you share your code i am trying to make multitouche table???</p> Assassinating jumpy htmlText hyperlinks,2010-10-21:/id/30//comment_44472 2010-10-21T15:57:54+01:00 2010-10-21T15:57:54+01:00 Lachlann <p>Amazing! solved a real headache, thanks for your hard work.</p>