Comments on “Static Mirror installation for Hidden Door festival” 2010-01-30T21:45:28+00:00 Chyrp Static Mirror installation for Hidden Door festival,2010-01-30:/id/55//comment_22718 2010-01-30T21:45:28+00:00 2010-01-30T21:45:28+00:00 Tom <p>Very cool. HiSlope is looking very impressive. I had wanted to make it along to the show, but with my broken leg I'm not going anywhere for a while longer yet! Best of luck with it :)</p> Static Mirror installation for Hidden Door festival,2010-01-30:/id/55//comment_22693 2010-01-30T19:21:47+00:00 2010-01-30T19:21:47+00:00 Rob McCardle <p>Can't make it up to the festival from London so it's great to be able to see these things online too; thanks. This is awesome work :)</p> <p>Excitedly looking forward to the HiSlope release ever since your Jackson post, give me a shout if you need any beta-testers.</p> <p>Warm Regards,</p> <p>Rob</p>