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Howdy, I am Tomek, also known as Og2t.

I live in Glasgow Edinburgh/UK Stockholm/Sweden and work freelance as Flash Interactive Developer.

Find me on: Twatter @blog2t

Short story
Coming soon, I promise.

Long story
my commies

It all started because of Commodore, indeed. When I was around 7, my uncle Jasiek (RIP) bought Commodore C16, equipped with datasette (of course!) I instantly fell in love with that toy, but because I couldn't have it, I've nicked all his Bajtek magazines (polish equivalent of Byte Magazine) instead – I could hardly read but somehow code seem to look nice to me. Few years later my dad brought my very own Commodore C64 breadbox from Germany (actually, I still need to ask where did he get it from) – I've had played games for a few months but I quickly got bored with them. I felt it deeply in my gut – I needed to code.

I begged my father for weeks till he got me 1541-II disk drive; it costed something about 1,990,000 zł those days (yes, it was nearly 2 million polish zlotys!) I was in heaven – started swapping 5,25" disks with stangers on pirates' local markets, getting more stuff. It occasionally happened that a disk would contain a demo. Woah! Certainly that was far more interesting than some lousy shoot 'em ups. Also, I've bought absolutely every issue of C&A (Commodore & Amiga – hi Jetboy) and Kebab magazine (hi and thanks to Polonus and Silver Dream) – these were the best titles on the market – and I've learnt how to program in Basic 2.0.

Few years later (I was about 13 then) I started exploring MOS 6502 and the whole world of assembler. I found about demoscene, called myself Digger and founded my own group called Atlantic and went to some crazy booze copy/demo parties to win/lose some demo competitions. I was also shown how to use tracker and write SID 6581 music (thanks Ivanhoe) for the first time. Exciting times they were, we've hardly slept for 3 days!

Few people had a huge impact on me those days (thanks Carrion, Shogoon, Brush and Hain), few helped me a lot (thank you Toaster, Branzol, Morris and Druid). Please remember no one had heard about internet, BBS was a luxury so we had to swap disks via post (snailmail). I always used to attach a few pages written by hand, can't imagine how I've done that then – it's hard to find time to write an email nowadays! Sincere thanks to Wozio for giving me a hard lesson how not to be an arse!