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Phew... the waiting is finally over! Just got my hands onto the fresh re-release of the C64 emulator for iPhone/iPod Touch from Manomio. After long months of impatience, the Retro vs Apple war has calmed down - the app is back in the Apple store. I missed the previous release by seconds, it was immediately pulled out from the store after discovery of hidden BASIC interpreter (nota bene by Microsoft – was that a real reason?)

C64 emulator for iPhone by Manomio

After trying out all the games must say I felt a little bit disappointed – where are the classics like Bruce Lee and International Karate? They were there before!
We've got 8 games instead: Arctic Shipwreck (one of the first filled vector graphics on C64 in 1983!), Dragon's Den, Jupiter Lander, International Basketball/Soccer/Tennis, Jack Attack and Lemans. I'd love to see Boulder Dash, Pit Stop, Spy vs Spy and other exciting titles. There's some hope with the new Apple in-app purchases though, but the question is how much we would need to pay for a game?

Me likes

  • Retro coolness – concept and detailed graphics, it's all sweet and shiny
  • Overall performance is great (worked well on my 1st gen iPod Touch)

Me picky

  • Default selection of games could be much better (more classic titles!)
  • Touch joystick controls a bit too sensitive (it's a bit funny to learn how to drive for the first time), adjusting it would be a nice feature
  • The screen highlight in the landscape mode is a bit too bright, it should be adjustable

Me thinks

  • The game area is covered too much by the monitor frame in the portrait view but I understand the reason for it
  • It would be nice to add some demoscene productions, at least one one-file demo/dentro should be included with 1.2 release!
  • SID emulation quality hard to estimate, most of the games from 80s didn't have fancy music/sfx
  • Maybe use Vice engine instead of Frodo, it's still under active development and has more features explanation
  • I would add another landscape mode: 384x271 px (full C64 screen including borders)

Another thing I need to say is that I am totally against Apple's policy of controlling the content of my very own device, my dream is that one day (wishful thinking) I will be free to to upload and run any kind of binary data in the C64 emulator. Imagine going further and having real hacking like this on your pocket friend! For pure fun.

But to be realistic, I guess it would have to be Android.

Thanks Manomio!

The guy known as DNA is trying to re-enable BASIC as he believes it's not been completely removed (which might be true as some games may still use it.) He had succeeded to enable keyboard before by using SSH on the jailbroken device.
Fingers crossed for DNA!

On another hand, Stuart Carnie – one of the iPhone C64 app developers, posted a video of working emulator (which was based on Vice and Frodo). I'll be trying to get my hands on that.

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