Old skool TextField plasma (dithered)

I had a quick poke into FontStruct last nite, some useful features had been recently added to that awesome online block font editor. I found one of my previously designed fonts called [RUdigit?](http://fontstruct.fontshop.com/fontstructions/show/rudigit), it's pretty (experi)mental (check the pixel size, otherwise you won't get the idea). That reminded me of an old Flash AS1 experiment of mine, where I tried to use predefined character set to display various shades of grey. We used to do it a lot in the C64 demoscene days – nostalgia had kicked in and I quickly mocked up an AS3 version of that old triple sinus plasma code.
**Click the face above to launch, hit SPACE to randomise the plasma periods. And now get ready for the trick: try selecting the pattern as you would do with normal text.** No Pixel Bender here, just pure TextField™. It's pretty slow I must say but I didn't spend a second to optimise it. Maybe drawing a single character onto a bitmapData or using copyPixels would work faster? I might look into that again, most likely when the C64 nostalgia takes me over again sometime. If you are new to this technique, have a sniff into the source. TTF font included. Enjoy.
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  1. This is some excellant work right here, nostalgia overdose. Top work.

    Karl Freeman on

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