Machines are looking for Michael Jackson

Today passes [my 5th year of living and working in the UK]( feeling in sort of a nostalgic/festive mood, did some cool VJing last nite and decided to spend semi-hangovery afternoon doing some (softcore) flashcoding. I got some good feedback and suggestions (thanks you know who) to my recent [Terminator Salvation "machine vision" experiment]( and decided to explore that area a bit further. This time I've managed to add "the real face tracking" ported from OpenCV by Masakazu "Mash" Ohtsuka (with some great optimizations by Quasimondo) to my video processing framework (codename **HiSlope**) which should be hopefully released within a couple of weeks (still need to do some important/major refactoring). Follow me on []( for updates. So I was looking for some perfect video to use for testing... couldn't think of anything really. Then suddenly the spirit of Michael Jackson (RIP) came to me and whispered into my ear: __"Black or white?"__ – and it was all clear then :) Enough words, **click the image to sing along**. Terminator Machine Vision plus Michael Jackson's Black or White mashup by Og2t I found this video particularly challenging – with loads of head banging and different races (skin tones, facial hair etc.) – which actually makes a perfect source material for testing. And again, I am really surprised by the final result – it's still not the fastest (I am getting 20 FPS in browser and about 35 FPS in standalone projector) but the main task is achieved. The filters' settings were optimized for the video, so if you switch to the __webcam mode__ you probably won't get your eyes detected (there's still a bit of work for me to do on it – that's why I am not releasing the sources yet), but do try to play with sliders, especially with __HSBC__ (no, not the bank, it's **H**ue, **S**aturation, **B**rightness, **C**ontrast) – enable it by clicking the checkbox on the left) and __Eye Finder__ – enable debug and adjust __blur__ and __fuziness__. So, where's Michael? He's wandering somewhere in that black puma's outfit, fighting with racism. Watch out!
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  1. Hi Tomek I have a idea,but hear people say that using the write flash is very bad. (Can flash write Webcam/Image processing very bad?Why flash write image processing so few?why?) Before I wrote this method is again in C. (Webcam/Image processing) Like to hear your views. MY idea Three-step :(Capture equipment is webcam) First,face detection(Search the face region). Second,blink detection(Search the eye region and sample). Finally,NCC(normalized correlation coefficient).This method is eye tracking. Additional,the need for real-time. This may be achieved?(Written using the flash)

    Here to say sorry,my English is bad,

    I very much looking forward your reply.

    chris on
  2. Hey Tomek

    Can you please email me?

    I have some questions of your videos related to eye tracking.

    chris on
  3. i want to connect my face recognition s/w in matlab to u r kind of gui in flash .u r gui is great .do u know how to make this gui and connect to matlab .pls help .thanks in advance.

    arpit on
  4. Hi there, Hi-Slope is very impressive, well done!! I am having a play with the code off gitHub and having trouble compiling the fla examples in cs4 ide. Seem to be missing net/hires/util/ thanks

    Stu on
  5. Sure, just grab a slice (or fork) from github.

    Og2t on
  6. ArtTech came and went :) Any update?

    Reynaldo Columna on
  7. Yeah, it will be finally released at the ArtTech seminars at Assembly Summer demo-party, between 5-8th of August 2010 :)

    Og2t on
  8. I would love to see the source for this, will you be making it available at any time?

    Mike Escott on
  9. Great peace of work. When are you going to put it on google code? I'd love to play with the code

    Jeetu on
  10. Simply awesome tech there!

    +1 to all of the above questions about the release? Any chance? Pretty please? =)

    Jussi Laakkonen on
  11. Hi... im a Graphic Designer from Brazil.. and i´m starting a research to develop one interface for disabled people. Is there any chance to you share your eye tracking code? You´ll make it open source... my goals is to make a very cheap system for poor disabled people interact with the world. Thanx in advance. Cheers from Brazil, and keep up the good work!

    Gabriel himself on
  12. Hi Tomek, very impressive! I Am interested in using the HiSlope framework in my psychology research. Found your GITHub repo, are you planning on making the framework available there?

    Robin on
  13. Hey Tomek,

    You're almost impossible to contact. No email or contact form to be found on either your blog or portfolio.

    Can you please email me? I have some questions about one of your videos related to eye tracking.

    Thanks, Andrew

    Andrew McCloud on
  14. Wow, that's amazing! I'm getting a pretty solid 47-50 FPS on a 3.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM on Windows XP. I wonder what kind of performance you'd get if you disabled all the visuals but still did the computations.

    Jackson Dunstan on
  15. Hello, is this yours? I'd love it as a desktop - any help? Ta

    Monty on
  16. what ever happened to the idea of tracking chickens? g

    Good job!

    flashgordon on
  17. Fantastic work my friend, the most impressive use of the Open CV port yet in my opinion. Respect :)

    Rob McCardle on
  18. This looks pretty sweet and the swf file is only 142k. Congrats on your advancements!

    Jonathan on
  19. indeed impressive :) how do you catch the nose and the mouth corners ? very nice anyway, keep up !

    nicoptere on
  20. nice work, although the webcam version doesnt work out very good for me. have you heard of the camshift algorithm? it's great:

    alex on
  21. Very impressive Tomek - well done!

    Tom on

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