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January 30, 10

Static Mirror installation for Hidden Door festival

I have a pleasure to announce that I am a part of the Hidden Door Festival - the event is happening during this weekend at Roxy Art Club, Edinburgh.

I got commissioned to make an interactive installation that I've called Static Mirror. So, if you're Edinburger – come along to see the exceptional maze full of art and bands performing live, otherwise just enjoy my piece on-line.

Hidden Door installation live

Click the image above to activate (webcam required.) There's a accompanying noise, so mute the sound if you are i.e. at work.
© 2010 Tomek Augustyn. All rights reserved.

If you're looking for a deeper meaning, please read the artist's statement.

Coming out of the underground club, Tomek brings the idea of interactive VJing into a gallery space by confronting visitors with the imagination they might have about themselves.
He asks the old question – “Do our bodies exist for real or are we just a bunch of particles bound together by invisible forces as a temporal form of expression?”
The answer could be found by observing the nature of static noise reflection – as long as you move, you are.

On a technical note, the piece uses my HiSlope (alpha) video processing engine (shortly available as open-source.)

You can also press '/' to play with the manual controls and '\' to view the stats for the camera.

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