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September 28, 10

Boiling the soft egg aka Webcam Stories

If you came here after seeing my FOTB talk – that's great! Thank you!

Make sure you've seen the Black or White vs Machine Vision mash-up first.

Then head to the HiSlope GitHub repo to download/fork the HiSlope toolkit and have fun.

Yes, HiSlope is opensource!

I am going to add more examples, couple of cool and previously unreleased Pixel Bender filters and more tutorials/documentation soon, so make sure you follow me on Twitter @blog2t.

Please send comments and feedback, I'd really like to hear from you! Any Q&As - catch me at the conference.


Update: I've added the video from my pitch.

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May 01, 10

Flash Bokeh

Sometimes your best efforts to convince clients to originality end up in the trash... but on the other hand there is nothing wrong with it – just shake the dust off and share. This time it's the colourful realtime bokeh effect inspired by this tutorial and programmed for tictoc as a proof-of-concept demo.

Flash AS3 Bokeh

Click the image above to preview. Due to expensive alpha and blending processing it may slow down your browser/computer a bit. I've tried two approaches there:

  1. Adding and removing circles to the display list (with cacheAsBitmap turned on).
  2. Drawing circles onto (transparent and non-transparent) bitmap using draw() method.

Both methods eat similar processor time. Haven't tried using any GPU wmodes, not sure if that would help at all here, I'll leave it to you - the code is very simple and there's a lot of room for improvements and optimisations.

Considering the recent HTML5 vs Flash war, the challenge is to code a similar effect using JS + HTML5's canvas and compare the speed – is anyone up for it?

Grab the source (AS3, Flash CS4 was used to tween the circle shapes but you could entirely use drawing API if needed) and enjoy!

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June 02, 09

Old skool TextField plasma (dithered)

I had a quick poke into FontStruct last nite, some useful features had been recently added to that awesome online block font editor. I found one of my previously designed fonts called RUdigit?, it's pretty (experi)mental (check the pixel size, otherwise you won't get the idea).

That reminded me of an old Flash AS1 experiment of mine, where I tried to use predefined character set to display various shades of grey. We used to do it a lot in the C64 demoscene days – nostalgia had kicked in and I quickly mocked up an AS3 version of that old triple sinus plasma code.

Click the face above to launch, hit SPACE to randomise the plasma periods. And now get ready for the trick: try selecting the pattern as you would do with normal text.

No Pixel Bender here, just pure TextField™. It's pretty slow I must say but I didn't spend a second to optimise it. Maybe drawing a single character onto a bitmapData or using copyPixels would work faster? I might look into that again, most likely when the C64 nostalgia takes me over again sometime.

If you are new to this technique, have a sniff into the source. TTF font included. Enjoy.

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