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October 31, 10 + HiSlope Halloween mash-up

The idea was chasing me for a while but there was no time to finish it. Until now... Halloween! – seems to be perfect day for this. So, here you go: HiSlope + API mash-up, click below and go into some wild disguise! API + HiSlope demo

This was possible with PtitJean's AS3 API (thanks so much Jean!) Audial delight by Sound Garden – if I now say "Go and buy this track" their label won't sue me, will they? ;-)

The source will be released shortly on GitHub as HiSlope upgrade so watch out. Also there will be something special coming soon, I've teamed up with Marcel Klammer – genius that wrote Virtual Mirror and will be rolling some cool stuff out to you.

HappyScary Halloween!

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