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June 05, 09

Using SWFAddress exclusively with jQuery

I've just spent an hour today trying to work out why [SWFAddress]( was not picking up any events from the browser (i.e. back button click). It turned out that by default it [SWFAddress] relies on SWFObject, UFO or AC_FL_RunContent but it's not supporting jQuery, which I was using to embed my SWF (precisely with **jQuery Flash** plugin). I posted a comment on [Asual's blog]( and I got a quick answer by Rostislav: > @Og2t > You just need to use SWFAddress.addId(flashObjectId) in order to use the library with any Flash embedding script. Thanks a million! Again and over again, RTFM! SWFAddress is awesome, I am just a moron [*sighs]. Make sure you read this [great article on how to use SWFAddress]( by Greg MacWilliam aka bigmac.
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