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June 05, 09

Using SWFAddress exclusively with jQuery

I've just spent an hour today trying to work out why SWFAddress was not picking up any events from the browser (i.e. back button click).

It turned out that by default it [SWFAddress] relies on SWFObject, UFO or AC_FL_RunContent but it's not supporting jQuery, which I was using to embed my SWF (precisely with jQuery Flash plugin).

I posted a comment on Asual's blog and I got a quick answer by Rostislav:

You just need to use SWFAddress.addId(flashObjectId) in order to use the library with any Flash embedding script.

Thanks a million! Again and over again, RTFM! SWFAddress is awesome, I am just a moron [*sighs].

Make sure you read this great article on how to use SWFAddress by Greg MacWilliam aka bigmac.

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