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September 21, 11

Flash on the Beach 2011 recap

Another awesome FOTB is over. ![Fotb 2011](/files/fotb2011/awesome.jpg) I had a big pleasure (and even a greater stress haha!) to be a speaker this year – thanks to John Davey and everybody voting and coming to see my [Riding the HiSlope!](/speaking-at-fotb2011/) session – it means a lot to me. Generally, I like to improve things and I will be grateful for any feedback. I've seen many inspiring talks, meet tons of people, drunk loads, made new friendships (hi Polish Flash Mafia) etc. All that resulted to a massive body strike which I am still recovering from. It was so worth it though. Right, I don't think my session slides would do best on their own, so won't put them up (unless you demand). Here's the list of topics I've covered with the references: ####HiSlope The framework (yes, I dare to call it framework for sometime, used to be a toolkit) which my session was about. [Download/fork HiSlope from github]( and start by reading [WIKI]( ####Haar Cascades Used for face (and face features) detection. A [great research done by Adam Harvey]( and his [CV dazzle]( – [how to stop the machines recognising faces]( (if we ever need to). Then finally the video showing [scanning and matching the wavelets]( ####Integral image As described in the [Servo magazine]( ####Blob Detection Check my [blog post]( which is actually the 2nd hit when you google for "blob detection". ####Halftoning and Rasterization Sort of old stuff but never released before. Download [HiSlope]( and check the [Halftoning Demo]( ![HiSlope RGB CMYK rasterizers](/files/fotb2011/hislope_cmyk.jpg) API Check []( and [ AS3 wrapper]( by [ptitJean]( and forked by me. There are updates on the way (some already in HiSlope), mainly parsing face attributes into VOs and the new [FaceBook OAuth 2.0 support]( ####BRF Amazing SDK for Point Tracking and Estimating the Face Position developed by [TastenKunst]( Download free SDK at []( Big thanks to [Marcel Klammer]( (I love you!) and Christian Walther (still not sure what the heck you were doing in that hotel room) for loads of help and remote moral support. ####IN2AR Although not covered in my session, the big [Eugene]('s thing is worth a mention – [IN2AR]( Haven't had a chance to include it in HiSlope but I guess this is inevitably coming ;-) ####Doomsday Console 2 Amazing console developed by the mighty Andreas Rønning (how's your bum dude?) – download from []( I am looking deeply into it, it may result in writing some UI plugins and/or HiSlope integration/collaboration/whatever. Good work! Last thing – I was hugely impressed by [Seb's]( PixelPhones, I've had a similar concept, except Seb had done it – and it's far far better that I'd ever do it. Lots of people had asked how this was done and I shall describe it (with a little demo) in my next blog post. Stay tuned.
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August 04, 10

Webcam stories

Pressure. It's all coming along. This Saturday, the Art Tech Seminars at Assembly Summer in Helsinki, Finland, 7th of August at 2.00PM. [WebCam stories]( If you want to experience the potential of Flash and a typical webcam to achieve face recognition, eye tracking and motion detection, using real-time image processing, come and see. [I will share]( how we can use our often dusty and under-used webcams to make our eyes less tired after hours of gazing into pixels. Another good news is that HiSlope toolkit will be finally released there. Although the Flash Player is recently being eschewed in favour of emerging HTML5+JS technologies (most notably by Apple), I will prove it still offers [decent processing power]( and support for external devices such as webcam and microphone (which HTML5 is not yet capable of) and can significantly contribute to improving real human-computer interfaces. Thanks to Justyna for a cheeky title :) PS I also got the chance to [speak at the Elevator Pitch]( this Autumn, which is part of Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton, UK (26-29 September 2010) – my very own 3 minutes!
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