Comments on “Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx” 2009-07-24T20:50:58+01:00 Chyrp Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx,2009-07-27:/id/44//comment_605 2009-07-27T17:34:19+01:00 2009-07-24T20:50:58+01:00 Beer van Geer <p>Hi there,</p> <p>Looks good! Is the source coming availible soon? Can use it for my installation at the todaysart festival 2009 (</p> <p>Is the motiontracker the same as this guy's? :</p> Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx,2009-07-21:/id/44//comment_567 2009-07-21T08:34:14+01:00 2009-07-21T08:34:14+01:00 Mark <p>Is there anyway to improve tracking for those with darker skin tones?</p> Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx,2009-07-20:/id/44//comment_561 2009-07-20T19:45:48+01:00 2009-07-20T19:45:48+01:00 alfathenus <p>Wow!!! thats wonderfull!</p> <p>:)</p> Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx,2009-07-20:/id/44//comment_547 2009-07-20T11:04:48+01:00 2009-07-20T11:04:48+01:00 Og2t <p>Thanks for linking back Alex, you're right about the noise, I haven't got time to implement other motion detection methods yet but I'll have a look into the camshift algorithm you've mentioned, it definitely could become a part of the framework.</p> Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx,2009-07-20:/id/44//comment_546 2009-07-20T10:08:11+01:00 2009-07-20T10:08:11+01:00 alex <p>Great work! Love it. But the motion based tracking isn't very stable when there's background noise (movement). Maybe a "weight - based" motion detection could help. The eyetracker is awesome! Unfortunately I wear glasses so I couldn't really write an eyetracker myself (coding without glasses sucks)</p> <p>Really great work!</p>