Comments on “The end of anonymous clicks (but don't be afraid)” 2010-01-07T02:33:37+00:00 Chyrp The end of anonymous clicks (but don't be afraid),2010-01-07:/id/36//comment_14370 2010-01-07T11:35:21+00:00 2010-01-07T02:33:37+00:00 shane <p>I have a video that will be hosted on a few different sites that I do not have access to the HTML on. I am looking for some help with the coding for the instances of the video that are not hosted on our site. Currently the tracking method that I am using for the video that is hosted on our site is as follows:</p> <pre name="code" class="as3">on (release) { //Track with action getURL("javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/video/getDeal.php');"); _root.gotoAndPlay(4); myVar = "Video Play From GetDeal"; }</pre> <p>That code is in AS2 I am pretty sure to do what I am looking to do I will have to switch to AS3 which I have no clue about yet.</p> <p>I would like to see an example of the most efficient way to track the video when it is hosted off of our site the video has a simple interface, video loads on page load, play button appears, once play button is clicked video pays, video ends button appears to visit the site.</p> <p>The data I would like to see in GA is:</p> <ul> <li> # of video loads </li> <li> # of times play is clicked </li> <li> Length video is watched (eg. did they watch the whole thing or leave half way) </li> <li> # of people who clicked visit site at the end of the video </li> </ul> <p>Thanks for any help you may be able to give.</p>