Comments on “Using SWFAddress exclusively with jQuery” 2010-08-15T13:44:49+01:00 Chyrp Using SWFAddress exclusively with jQuery,2010-08-15:/id/33//comment_43916 2010-08-15T13:44:49+01:00 2010-08-15T13:44:49+01:00 Mira <p>Thanks a lot!</p> Using SWFAddress exclusively with jQuery,2009-06-09:/id/33//comment_22 2009-06-09T05:35:13+01:00 2009-06-09T05:35:13+01:00 Ross Brown <p>That's what you get for developing in Flash! :)</p> <p>I don't mind a bit if you do similar styling. I just made a repo on GitHub for it if you want to poke around:</p> <p>I won't be throwing this up in the Chyrp extend section anytime soon, as it's exactly what is on my site now, and I'd rather not have clones.</p>